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I am Paramaguru

Your Friendly, Reliable Fitness Expert

Why Paramaguru? Here's Why.

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I am Paramaguru

Your Friendly, Reliable Fitness Expert

I am Paramaguru

Your Friendly, Reliable Fitness Expert


Energetic group fitness instructor and Personal Trainer with strong background in Pilates, yoga, weights, with unique style of floor and stretching workouts.

 Highly motivated to help others reach their health and fitness goals.Promotes activities and coping methods that transform unhealthy habits and fuel healthy mind and body.

Fitness. You Deserve it my way.

  •   Body mass index (BMI) knowledge
    • CPR and First Aid knowledge
    • Weight management expert
    • Understanding of human anatomy
    • Injury management
    • Expert in stretching workouts and yoga
    • Sports physio and massages
    • Expert in Floor workouts (handstand, dragon flag,headstand,human flag etc.,)
    • Expert in strengthening and power management
    • Toning muscles and endurance

Why Paramaguru Fitness

25 Years of Intense Experience & Remarkable Knowledge in Body Metabolism, Diet Planning etc. Wide Array of Fitness Activities & Achievements ranging from Personal Fitness to National Level Sports Fitness, Athletic Training to Indian Army Placement Training etc.


There is no Template for Fitness


Results in Record.


Significant Progress Every Single Day.


Fitness for All Ages from 6-60 Years


Equipment Independent Fitness for All


Special Fitness Training for People with Diabetics, Hypertension & Thyroid etc.

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It's all about make you Look Good, Feel Good & Live Good.



I provide expert solutions towards the following fitness goals

Personal Fitness

Personal Fitness Training requires immense knowledge in body metabolism and an individual's lifestyle. That's why I am quite confident about my training to you; Unlike Gyms or body builders I don't dump my knowledge on my clients right away.Watch this video to know a glimpse on how I work.

Strength & Body Transformation

Strength training is not something any body builder can share his knowledge with or a company to deliver it. It has to come from a knowledgeable & well trained fitness expert and that is where I am ready to help you achieve your strength & body transformation dreams.Watch this video to know a glimpse on how I work.

Sports Fitness & Achievements

I am a Professional Sports Fitness Trainer and have coached students to make 50+ National Level Achievements in various sports segments. Sports Fitness is required for almost every other sports student now a days and I can assure the best of the same to my clients, with confidence. Watch this video to know a glimpse on how I work.

Cross Fitness

This High Intensity Fitness Program requires professional guidance & expert insights to achieve proper results.Watch this video to know a glimpse on how I work. 

Boot Camp

Military level group fitness training with best possible results for anyone who is ready for it.My Students are placed in Indian Army positions & Also in Indian Police Department with reputed rankings in terms of fitness.Watch this video to know a glimpse on how I work.

How I Make 'em happen

Here are 4 vital steps that I go through to help you realize your fitness goals. Gym Trainers or Body builders are not qualified to this.

First Step: Dedication

It's only if I give myself to the art of fitness, the magic happens. I Dedicate myself to help you achieve your fitness goal efficiently.

Second Step: Understanding

Fitness is as unique as finger prints to each of us. Understanding is a very vital step for me to begin training.

Third Step:  Family Interaction

In India, fitness requires support family and hence I mark it important to interact with my client's family to make things better.

Fourth Step:  Training

My approach is simple. Hard work always pays. Training becomes the final but most important step. 

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